3 Chatbot trends for the future of E-Commerce: fast, fighting and friendly

The E-Commerce of the future uses Chatbots to address the most pressing, post-Covid customers’ needs 

In the unprecedented time we are living, many customers desire to get “human-like communication” whenever possible. That is why a tool like the E-commerce Chatbot is a “must” for businesses, now and in the future!

During Covid-19, three main trends on e-commerce emerged and are shaping the new dynamics of online shopping:

  • Fast: never before, e-commerce platforms experienced so much constant traffic, with customers expecting seamless and real time experiences, with statistics proving that 57% of customers will leave your website if the wait lasts longer than 3 seconds. Once you’ve seen major improvements in a service, you anticipate nothing but for it to get even better.

  • Fighting: having more customers online means dealing with more competition in the marketplace...the best way to win the raise is to provide exactly what the consumer wants and even go beyond their expectations! In fact, 74% of people are likely to look away from your brand if they are not satisfied. The “how to do that” leads us to the third and final trend.

  • Friendly: who in their right minds wouldn’t love to be taken care of at a personal level? You guessed it, no one. A personalized and direct contact with the customer is the way to differentiate your business from those competitors that promise all the best for their consumers and yet deliver nothing. Indeed, 9 out of 10 companies experience a growth in their conversion rates after having employed personalization tools for their customers. 

Employing an ecommerce chatbot will allow you to keep up with these trends and reach your company’s maximum potential. Communicating with your clients round-the-clock and providing an efficient and individualized experience has never been easier.

At BotSupply, we have built an E-commerce chatbot template that is a great starting-point to create future flawless shopping experiences and, with a few modifications and customizations, it will fit your exact business and customers’ needs.

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What can you achieve with the E-commerce chatbot?

You can enjoy the advantages of an E-commerce chatbot by training it to answer customers’ FAQs in a quick and personalized way. It is accessible at any moment and in any place, and honestly does not ever get tired!

An additional plus is that bots don’t experience “bad days” so your customers will gain trust for your business by feeling welcomed, rather than being treated rudely, and appeased to converse with what seems like a true human.

As mentioned, chatbots will answer to the three “F” trends and will introduce many advantages for your business. Just to mention a few benefits:

Increased CSAT

Through well designed Conversational AI your customers’ requests will be answered 24/7 with personalized answers, so as to make them feel truly listened and supported. Learn more about the benefits for your customers and CFO of employing a digital assistant to handle CSAT here.

Free Up Valuable Time

Your employees will spend much less time on tasks that don’t necessarily require the presence of humans, even though the chatbot will perfectly mimic one.

Reduce Costs

While saving time, the employees can be redirected to completing other duties in the organization, thus improving your business’ productivity. 

How to get started with an E-Commerce Chatbot?

Getting started with a chatbot is easier than what most people believe. Within the BotSupply Chatbot Management System (CMS), we make it as easy as possible for anyone to be able to manage and edit your E-commerce chatbot.

Let us break down the process that will take you from 0 to chatbot in less than 30 days:

1. Pick one of the 20+ pre-built use cases we have built already based on our previous experiences.

And hey, if you’re still not finding what you need we will add new accessible and custom-fit ones for you. 

Scroll down the post to see some of the use cases we have prebuilt.

Choose the use case

2. Customise the chatbot to fit your needs and company policies.

From editing the content of the flows to adding new ones, it only ever takes a click of a button to do this and much more.

Integrate the chatbot with the software you are already using

Create new flows

3. Integrate it in 1-click to leading HR softwares like Shopify, WooCommerce, delivery systems and CRMs.

You can then integrate the chatbot with any software of your liking, HubSpot CRM in the example below.

Integrate the bot with your preferred system

4. Launch the chatbot in less than 30 days and see immediate ROI.

Finally save your progress, check how you’re liking it and “Push live” your chatbot, all in a matter of days.

Save, Preview, Push Live: all in minutes

What can the E-Commerce chatbot template do for you?

After having followed these tips and steps on how to easily design your chatbot with a solid basis of Conversational Design, you will notice that the off-the-shelf E-commerce chatbot template actually covers different but common use cases where chatbots lend a fundamental helping hand. 

Let’s dive in deeper and get acquainted with the HR chatbot template use cases.

Track Orders

This use case enables your customers to track their orders, take a look at step-by-step instructions on how to check the delivery status and it collects their feedback after the order has been delivered.

All by answering one simple question: “What’s your Order ID?”.

Track Orders Use Case


In less than a minute, customers can learn how to easily return an item purchased from the online marketplace or the instances and way in which they can get a refund. They will also be able to look for your return policy.

Return & Refund Use Case


The E-commerce chatbot is a saviour for your online future payments: in fact you can directly accept them all in one platform and from customers all over the world.

Compare Products

Show off your products using cards and carousels, and help customers quickly find desired items by providing specific information and redirecting them to your website or to products of a similar nature: 75% of people are indeed more likely to buy from your brand if they are provided with recommendations based on their previous purchases.

Showcase products Use Case

Abandoned Cart

Nothing worse than losing a customer at the checkout, I know, but it seems that 70% of people forget about their shopping cart, or better said the vast majority of them willingly do so because of too many extra costs.

This E-commerce chatbot use case was created appositedly to provide special discounts for those people who are leaving your website without completing the purchase process. Let’s get them back on track!

Abandined Cart Use Case

Change Address

Mistakes are human, so allowing your customers to change their delivery addresses in less than 10 seconds shows how understanding you are towards them.


BotSupply has the goal to help your E-commerce reach a more profitable future by enabling “human-like” and personalized communication with your customers: they’ll be surprised by your friendly and fast support around the clock.

The E-commerce chatbot we envisioned and created is here to help you and us achieve this mission. 

If you want to learn more about it and all our other solutions you are welcome to contact us here.


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