Why CFOs should obsess over Customer Support Automation?

The short answer is, you can win your customers’ trust while saving precious resources: both time and money.

Today, how you handle your Customer Experience (CX) has a profound impact on customer loyalty and your bottom line.
Consumers want 24/7, fluid, and multi-channel interactions, whether they’re dealing with your sales, marketing, or customer service teams. They’ve learned to expect fast, efficient, and personalized service from the world’s top brands—and the bar has been raised for every business.

Fast-growing companies and enterprises alike are turning to intelligent digital assistants to streamline their CX operations and gain advantage from new technologies like Artificial Intelligence.

A digital assistant can answer calls and deflect the majority of routine inquiries.
For more complex inquiries, the digital assistant (chatbot) can provide your support agents with more information on what the customer needs and a complete context in a seamless hand-off to provide a better customer experience. They can see the dialogue that’s already taken place, and be more efficient in the time they’re spending with the customer.

But what are the benefits of a digital assistant for the CFO and for the customer?

Benefits for the CFO

So let’s say you are the CFO of a company that receives on average 50,000 customer support requests each month.

Each request costs you on average 5$, according to a Zendesk study.

50.000 * $5 = $250.000 per month spent on just answering tickets.

And most of these tickets are very repetitive tickets that AI can easily automate, so...What if you could automate even ‘just’ 20% of these requests?

Yes, you could save $50,000 per month, or $600,000 per year.

What if you could automate 40%?

Or 60%...

Based on our experience,  20% of your support requests can be automated within the first two months after deploying a chatbot in the customer support department.

Benefits for your customers

A digital assistant is not just good for the CFO, but for the customer too.

While the digital assistant comes into play across a range of use cases, it’s also important to recognize how it brings together the customer experience at a higher level. Fast-growing companies often find that human resources are at a premium and saving money is critical. Yet, if you’re cutting corners or failing to deliver on the customer experience at any juncture, you’re risking your customer relationships and the long-term health of your business.

By eliminating waits, ineffective conversations, and unhelpful interactions, you begin to increase customer satisfaction levels overall. Your brand is viewed in terms of offering consistent, personalized, and intelligent customer engagement across channels.

What drives the biggest customer satisfaction is the fluidity and seamlessness of transition from channel to channel. Let’s imagine, a customer is having a conversation with customer service via Facebook messenger. Perhaps they’re travelling and need to pick up where they left off on WhatsApp or by visiting the company’s site? With an intelligent digital assistant, the transition is seamless—because they’re talking to the same digital assistant, just through different channels.

You and the customer are both getting consistent information, and you’re maintaining the state of the conversation regardless of the channel. That consistency is key and eliminates common user frustrations while empowering employees across departments to deliver to the same high standard CX.


Each CFO of a major enterprise should look at customer support automation and digital assistants as a major weapon to reduce costs while improving the efficiency of their teams.

What we are doing at BotSupply is enabling CFOs to achieve energy efficiency and demand savings at scale using digital assistants.

Get in touch with Asser Smidt, Founder at asser@botsupply.ai for more information.


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