Enterprise-grade Conversational AI platform

Design chatbots visually, leverage state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing and deploy your projects to a variety of bot frameworks.
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Design engaging conversations

All the tools you need to design Conversational AI experiences that wow your customers, with low-code.

Design visually
Drag and drop components to design conversations visually, add conditional logic and trigger actions in 3rd party systems without writing a single line of code.
Preview in a click
Preview the chatbot directly from the BotSupply interface, catch errors and craft the perfect experience before deploying to live users.
Test with real users
Collect feedback from real user testing by deploying your assistant to a test channel. Iterate on the concept without impacting the live bot and only publish when you are ready.
CUSTOMIZABLE pre-built solutions

Get started with pre-built

Bring your first chatbot to life in days with pre-built solutions across HR, CX, finance, supply chain, and more. Get it customized to fit your requirements and workflows.

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Human Resources & People
Payroll, directory, absences, benefits, Onboarding, recruiting, and many more.
For Insurances
Claims processing, personalized quote, lead generation, FAQs, and many more.
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For E-Commerces
Track orders, refunds, payments, compare products, abandoned cart, and many more.
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Multichannel deployment via
pre-built channel connectors

Deploy your chatbot in 1 click to all the channels where your customers want you to be.

Deploy your chatbot directly to your Slack workspace to increase your teams’ engagement and productivity.
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Deploy your chatbot to WhatsApp and connect with your users on their favorite messaging platform.
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Deploy a chatbot directly to your website to answer questions, collect leads and more.
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Create a chatbot that your users can access via simple SMS messages.
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Microsoft Teams
Improve team engagement and productivity by deploying your chatbot to Microsoft Teams.
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Hubspot Chatflow
Take Hubspot conversations to the next level by adding Conversational AI capabilities to your chatflows.
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Facebook Messenger
Deploy your chatbot to an audience of 1.3 billion users, automate conversations and handover to human agent whenever needed.
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Facebook Workplace
Deploy your chatbot directly to your Facebook Workplace environment to increase your teams’ engagement and productivity.
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Zendesk Chat
Deploy your chatbot to Zendesk Chat and let it take care of all the repetitive support requests.
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Multilingual ai

AI-powered chatbots

All the tools you need to design conversational experiences that wow your customers.

proprietary nlp
BotSupply's state-of-the-art NLP engine allows you to create advanced digital assistants that go beyond linear flows and simple decisions trees.
Our proprietary Natural Language Processing supports 100+ languages, so you can connect with your customers in the languages they speak.
You can choose to work with BotSupply proprietary NLP framework or integrate with another industry standard system
knowledge search

Connect your existing knowledge bases

Connect the chatbot with your knowledge base, help customers find solutions faster and reduce case resolution time.

Knowledge base & faqs
Leverage existing Knowledge Base articles and FAQs, so you can deploy your chatbot faster.
PDF and other docs
Let Artificial Intelligence find relevant information in different kinds of documents, PDFs included.
HUMAN handover

Keep your humans in the loop

Handover the conversation to a human agent by transferring to a live chat, creating a ticket, sending an email in a shared inbox or whatever is your team’s favourite workflow.

transfer to live agent
Whenever your customers look for human support, let your agents take over the conversation right away.
create tickets in your helpdesk
Open tickets in your CRM of choice and log any conversation happening between your users and the chatbot.

Connect to the apps you already know and love

With a few clicks of a button, connect your chatbot to the apps you use and make it an integrated part of your workflow.

Boost your workflow and bring automation to the next level with Zapier’s 3000+ apps connectors
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Zendesk Guide
Connect to Zendesk Guide and enable your chatbot to search your knowledge base and provide answers based on that.
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Zendesk Support
Connect your chatbot to Zendesk Support and let it create, handle and close tickets automatically.
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Oracle Service Cloud
Let the chatbot create incidents in Oracle Service Cloud automatically.
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Oracle HCM
Let your chatbot access absence details, change employee records and much more.
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Oracle Integration Cloud
Easily connect your chatbot to the most popular Oracle applications via a single, easy to configure connector.
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Analyze and grow

Powerful insights and analytics dashboards give you the tools to understand user behaviour and improve the chabot over time.

Detailed analytics on the type of engagement your users are having with the chatbot.
natural language processing
See user conversations in real time, filter by relevant parameters and export all Conversational Data in CSV for further analysis.
custom KPIs
Any component in the chatbot can be tracked separately or combined together to create a funnel and assess its performance.

Access all conversations data

Explore all the conversations that users are having with your chatbot and filter them to easily identify exactly what you are looking for.

User messages
See all the messages sent by a single user in one easy to navigate conversation view.
See all the messages sent by the bot in one easy to navigate conversation view.
All conversations data is easily accessible via our Analytics 2.0 API