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Our mission is to help you extract value from conversations

In a world where people want answers right here and right now, technology has the power to unlock the true value hidden in our conversations.

Our goal is to help you just do that.

Our quest for helping the world build better chatbots started in 2016 as a remote-first company.

Since then, we have been focusing on the two most important aspects of bot-building: cutting-edge technology and flawless conversational design.

Our efforts in the domain of Artificial Intelligence have been recognised by awards like the IBM Watson Award and certified by the numerous research papers that our AI experts publish.

Our collaboration with Oracle resulted in the ‘Oracle ISV Partner of the Year FY20’ Award, and with us presenting at the flagship Oracle event, Oracle Open World, in San Francisco, London and Dubai.

As part of the Oracle for Startups program, we’ve also been lucky to meet Larry Ellison, Founder and CTO at Oracle, and this is what Oracle has to say about us.

Our values

Our values define how we behave, both as an organisation and as individuals. We’ve worked hard to build a culture and community that continue to evolve as we do.


Leadership team

The team leading BotSupply have run highly successful software businesses. What brought them together is a belief that Artificial Intelligence has the power to shape the way humans communicate.


Remote-first since 2016

The Internet is our office and Copenhagen is where it all started.

Though we are remote first you might find BotSuppliers hanging out in places around the world, like:

Danish flag
Spaces, Ny Carlsberg Vej 80, 1760 København
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WeWork, Mumbai, India
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WeWork, Barcelona, Spain
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WeWork, Caracas, Venezuela

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