Integrate HR Digital Assistants with Oracle HCM

In today’s world, messaging apps are the gateway for people to access services of any kind: food deliveries, social networks, buy tickets for a concert, manage finances, receive news and so much more.

Available anywhere and anytime, they help us be more productive while keeping more focus on the tasks at hand.

Your employees are looking for the same exact experience when dealing with the company they work for.

So why is there still such a high entry barrier for them to access the workplace services and information that they need from the devices and applications they use the most?

In many organizations, both big and small, many of the most basic operations are only available by interacting with the HR department.

Things like requesting leave or inquiring about maternity leave allowances are still human-driven heavy processes and that creates two different inefficiencies.

On the one hand, employees are wasting time chasing information they could have access to in a matter of seconds, while HR departments are drowning in an immense amount of repetitive and low-value tasks that take time away from their core activities.

This is where technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Digital Assistant can give time back to your organization and your employees to get their things done, quicker and more efficiently.

A look at the technology

At BotSupply, we help Oracle customers to build multilingual Oracle bots with no-code, natively integrated with their Oracle HCM solution.

From our Chatbot Management System, anyone in the HR department can easily build and deploy a chatbot in a matter of minutes.

But let’s take an example and let’s say your employees are often sending the following request to the HR team: “What’s my leave balance?”.

A pretty simple request, right?

Well, now it’s also easy to automate so that your HR team can focus on more important things!

BotSupply CMS | Train intents in 100+ languages

The screen above is where you can train an Artificial Intelligence system to learn what your employees are asking and come back to them with an answer.

Simply add 5-10 variations of the same question, et voilà, your HR team has already automated ALL its leave balance requests.

And what will the answer to the employees be?

The screen below is where you, the chatbot administrator, can edit what the bot should answer.

BotSupply CMS | Easy to use, no coding skills required

Within an easy-to-use interface that requires no coding skills, anyone in the HR team can design what the bot should reply instantly to all the leave balance requests!

You’ll see some [variables] in the conversation flow.

This is because the chatbot is natively integrated with Oracle HCM, so it fetches information about the single employee in real-time via API, returning the correct values.

Like here:

Preview your HCM chatbot

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, employees like consumers are using messaging apps of all sorts.

With just 1-click, you can easily deploy your new Oracle HCM chatbot on any messaging app like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Slack as well as within your Oracle HCM interface.

Deploy your Oracle HCM chatbot on any channel

How it looks on Oracle HCM

A chatbot deployed on Oracle HCM

Final thoughts

Natively integrated with your Oracle HCM instance, chatbots can immediately provide relief to your HR support team and help to focus on the core activities instead of repetitive and low-value tasks.

At BotSupply we are committed to bringing Artificial Intelligence to the biggest Oracle HCM teams in the world.

Get in touch with Francesco at if you have any question regarding how to drive more value from HR conversations within HCM


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