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All the tools you need to create a chatbot that can handle any kind of conversation.
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Intent detection

High accuracy intent classifier

Our intent classifier generates high accuracy predictions and correctly detects user intents with close to no training data.

pre-built intent library
Each chatbot template comes with pre-built intents that are highly relevant to the use case
optimized for low variations
The intent detection engine has been optimized to work with as little as 10 variations per intent
intent disambiaguation
The chatbot automatically suggests alternate intents when the confidence score is too close
Named entity recognition

Extract contextual data within text input

Combine entities, variables and operators to add complex logic to the chatbot in just a few clicks

Standard entities
Change the behavior of the bot based on the system and custom entities values extracted from the user message.
Change the behaviour of the bot based on system, channel and integrations variables or create your own variables to fit any use case.
Easily configure "if this then that" logic from within the flow builder without writing a single line of code.

Support for more than 180 languages

Solve all your localization problems by choosing between one of the 180+ supported by the BotSupply NLP engine

Language detection
Built in language detection allows you to customize content and tone of voice based on the language
multi language entities
Named entity recognition is supported across multiple languages
Easy to use localization features allows you to translate and adapt all the bot content in just a few clicks

Bring your own bot and nlp framework

If you don't want to work with the built in nlp and dialog manager you can easily connect your bot to industry leading frameworks like Oracle Digital Assistant, Rasa, Dialogflow and more

The default NLP engine of BotSupply which supports more than 180 languages
The native NLP Engine of the Oracle Digital Assistant Platform
Rasa, Dialogflow, Microsoft BotFramework, Luiss, IBM cognitive Service, cusom engines and more...
optimization built in

An ever improving chatbot

A set of tools to make the process of improving your chatbot after launch as easy as 123

Easily collect, review and add user inputs from live conversations to existing or new intents.
Fallback optimization
Add negative or non relevant utterances to the fallback intent with just a few clicks.
Intent optimization
Conditional logic with conditions and actions comes pre-configured, you just have to authenticate into the relevant app and you are good to go.