Analyze and track everything

We track and record every aspect of the conversation and make the data available via customizable dashboards and easy to use APIs.
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Get to know your users

Detailed analytics on user volume and behaviour give you a better understanding of the audience interacting with your chatbot.

daily volume
Get an overview of how the user volume fluctuates over time
new vs returning
Optimize your bot for user retention and long term engagement growth
Segment users by the number of interactions in a give period of time

Deep dive into engagement metrics

Detailed analytics on the type of engagement your users are having with the chatbot,

Message volume
Gives you the overview of the total volume of interactions
by sender
Drill down by type of sender to understand how the user respond to the content sent by the bot
by message type
Drill down by cards, carousels, QRs, etc... and see what type of messages are exchanged more often
Natural language processing

Advanced NLP analytics

Detailed analytics on the performance of the NLP engine gives you even deeper understanding on the inner workings of the chatbot.

Drill down by block to see which blocks are trigger more often by the NLP engine
At a glance overview of which intents are recognize more or less often
Complete overview of what entities are being extracted by the bot
custom kpis

Track anything with custom KPIs

Any component in the chatbot can be tracked separately or combined together to create a funnel and assess its performance,

Add up to 5 components to your chatbot funnel and track its performance
external urls
Every URL pointing outside the chatbot is tracked separately by default
Detailed analytics on actions by tipe and performance
Analytics API 2.0

Powerful and easy to use APIs

Easily access all the analytics data via API, connect it to your BI tool of choice and track it together with the other critical metrics for your business

Easily connect to Power BI, Tableau, MixPanel or your custom BI solution
Only you can access the the data for your bot via API
From 100 to 100.000.000 messages you can rely on the analytics API for all your analytics needs.