welcome your digital workforce

Chatbots are here to boost your productivity and help you get rid of all the most repetitive HR or Customer Service conversations.

Now, you can finally get your time back and focus on your most strategic activities.


Whether it's a question for Sales, Human Resources, IT Support, Procurement or Customer Service, your customers and employees expects real-time answers, 24/7.

No one seems to like spending a few minutes reading knowledge base articles, help guides, intranets — and that creates tons of calls, emails, and tickets with day to day queries that your team end up wasting hours on answering over and over.

Sounds familiar?

Use Cases

automate your frequently asked questions

"Can I get my payslip from April?", "Where is my delivery package?", "I lost my credit card!", "I want to book a demo" ...

Chatbots helps you eliminate the need to manually answer those day to day repeat questions — so your team has more time to focus on the complex queries, and honestly just makes their work way more interesting.

Case Studies

go beyond automating fAQs

Why stop at automating frequently asked questions when you can also start to automate processes and improve your customer & employee experience by connecting to your CRM, HR, ERP, CX, and any other backend systems.

With pre-built integrations to hundreds of applications, connecting them to your chatbots, and enable true self-service, is a breeze.

Using Oracle, SAP, Zendesk, Genesys, Servicenow, or maybe Freshworks? No problem, we got you covered.


gain insights into your conversations

There are so many different places you are having conversations with your customers and employees today. What if you could connect all of them and extract actionable insights? With BotSupply Insights you can!

The insights help you answer the question, "What have our customers and employees told us lately?". Being able to answer that question is a critical first step if your goal is to provide a personal and personalized customer & employee experience.

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we do it for you or
you do it yourself

Here’s the best part. You can sit back and relax.

A designated chatbot builder from our team configures, trains and optimizes your chatbots, and extract the insights, FOR you. All we need from you to get started is your conversational data which could be your FAQ, knowledge base articles, service tickets, emails, phone transcripts, or similar.

More of a 'do it yourself' kind of person?
No problem! Our no-code conversational platform allows anyone to become a chatbot builder in hours. And, our friendly support and customer success teams are always ready to assist if needed.

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kick the tires with a trial

We guess you're thinking 'does this really work??' We get it, and that's why we're offering you to kick the tires with a chatbot trial.

You select the use case, and provide your frequently asked questions. Then a designated chatbot operator from our team configures and trains your custom-built chatbot within 7 days for you to try out for a month.

30 days later the chatbot handles 20% of all service requests
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"BotSupply's innovative technologies and applications creates growth and opportunity for our customers, and Oracle."
Jason Willamson,
VP of Oracle for Startups, Oracle
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