Your employees are your #1 customers

Focus on building deeper connections with your employees while a chatbot executes the low-value tasks on your behalf.
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Be more proactive

Just like your customers, your employees expect you to be available 24/7, to get the answers and assistance they need fast, seamlessly, and on their preferred channel.

be proactive
Become more accessible to your employees. The 24/7 support builds trust in the organisation and drives lower attrition rates.
Be closer to the nerve of your employees and drive engagement even during the most stressful times.
Learn from data
Leverage AI to uncover what your employees are asking on a daily basis. Unlock all the conversational data you have stored in siloed HR systems.

Plug&Play Use Cases

Get started quickly with more than 35 out-of-the-box transactions. Automate answers to frequently asked questions about compensation, absence management, and more.


Integrated with the tool you love

Connect seamlessly to any backend Human Capital Management tool like Oracle HCM, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP JAM, Workday and more with 1-click integrations.

a person feeling secure


A secure and private AI-driven assistant. It is the one place where all employees can get consistent access to company news, policies, and other critical information.

CUSTOMIZABLE pre-built use cases

Get started with pre-built use cases

Bring your first chatbot to life in days with pre-built HR use-cases.
Get it customized to fit your requirements and workflows.

Find out about all requisites, for job offers and candidates realtime.
Recruiting Job
Stay informed on all candidates applications and on details of recent job offers.
Self-service Incident
Enable employees to quickly file in incident reports by specifying their date, location and writing a summary of the event.
Recruiting Candidates
Get personalized information on a list of candidates.
Pending Worker
Create pending users for workers who are on the verge of being on boarded by entering their emails and the date.
Performance Goals
Check how hard employees are working and understand whether they’re on the right track to reach their goals.
Get diverse absences type and create absences by typing the employee’s name, number and date.
Candidate Application
Stay up to date with the status of candidates’ applications: enter the date you are interested in and you’re good to go.
Benefits Coverage
Easily learn about the various benefits granted to each employee based on their relationship and plan type.
Worker Directory
Enable employees to stay in touch with co-workers and find their directories by only typing their email address.
Get quick access to payslips related to a specific date: from yesterday, last week or five years back.

How do you know how much value it provides for your team?

Chatbots are still emerging technology for many businesses. We get it if you're wondering if a chatbot will provide as much value for your team as it does for other teams.

With our VALIDATE Accelerator you can start validating the value of your chatbot within just 30 days. Low investment and no commitment.


Choose between any of our customizable pre-built use cases within HR, CX, finance, supply chain, and more.


Using the pre-built use cases as a starting point we'll customize your chatbot to fit your requirements and workflows within days.


Make the chatbot accessible for users. Obtain conversational data. Validate the value. Continue on a subscription if you're satisfied.


All the tools you need to succeed with chatbots

With a few clicks on a button you can connect your chatbot to the apps you use and make it an integrated part of your workflow.

Bring your first chatbot to life in days with pre-built use-cases across HR, CX, finance, supply chain, and more.
With a few clicks of a button you can connect your chatbot to the apps you use and make it an integrated part of your workflow.
Deploy your chatbot on multiple channels at once and deliver a truly omnichannel experience.
All the tools you need to design conversational experiences that wow your customers, low-code.
Detect customers' intents and respond to their needs, in the language they speak in.
100+ languages available.
Powerful insights and analytics dashboards give you the tools to understand user behaviour.
Import data from other platforms, learn what your customers have been asking you recently and use that data to drive your assistant development.
Connect the assistant with your knowledge base, help customers find solutions faster and reduce case resolution time.
Handover the conversation to a human agent by transferring to a live chat or creating a ticket sending an email in a shared inbox.
"Within two weeks, we automated 65% of the most repetitive HR queries so we could focus again on supporting our people"
Ingibjorg Thorsteinsdottir, HR Manager

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