Design conversations with no-code

Design without writing a single line of code and preview the chatbot without connecting to a live channel.
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Visual Flow Builder

All the tools you need to design Conversational AI experiences that wow your customers, with low-code.

Design visually
Drag and drop components to design conversations visually, add conditional logic and trigger actions in 3rd party systems without writing a single line of code.
Preview in a click
Preview the chatbot directly from the BotSupply interface, catch errors and craft the perfect experience before deploying to live users.
Test with real users
Collect feedback from real user testing by deploying your assistant to a test channel. Iterate on the concept without impacting the live bot and only publish when you are ready.

Add conditional logic to your design

All the tools you need to design conversational experiences that wow your customers.

proprietary nlp
BotSupply's state-of-the-art NLP engine allows you to create advanced digital assistants that go beyond linear flows and simple decisions trees.
Our proprietary Natural Language Processing supports 100+ languages, so you can connect with your customers in the languages they speak.

Connect your existing knowledge bases

Connect the chatbot with your knowledge base, help customers find solutions faster and reduce case resolution time.

Knowledge base & faqs
Leverage existing Knowledge Base articles and FAQs, so you can deploy your chatbot faster.
PDF and other docs
Let Artificial Intelligence find relevant information in different kinds of documents, PDFs included.
HUMAN handover

Keep your humans in the loop

Handover the conversation to a human agent by transferring to a live chat, creating a ticket, sending an email in a shared inbox or whatever is your team’s favourite workflow.

transfer to live agent
Whenever your customers look for human support, let your agents take over the conversation right away.
create tickets in your helpdesk
Open tickets in your CRM of choice and log any conversation happening between your users and the chatbot.

Make conversational
data-driven decisions

Import data from other platforms, learn what your customers have been asking you recently and use that data to drive your digital assistant's development.

Botsupply Insights works with a wide variety of CX applications and enables you to analyze data all at once.
Built on the scalable Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, BotSupply Insights is designed from the ground up to cater to the need of the modern enterprise.
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