Why Customer Support Automation should be priority #1 for CEOs

You are the CEO of a company dealing with an increasing number of support requests, which 60-80% of the times are also very repetitive.

You and your team are looking at ways to increase your productivity, lower your costs while delivering better customer experiences like e.g. be 24/7 available and resolve issues faster.

If so, it’s time for you to get a chatbot.


There are 8 main reasons, and below I’ll mention the first two.

Lower costs

Let’s say your company receives on average 20,000 customer support requests each month.

Each request costs you on average $5 (including salaries, training, turnover, rent, etc).

20.000 * $5 = $100.000 per month spent on just answering tickets.

And most of these tickets are very repetitive tickets that AI can easily automate, so...What if you could automate even ‘just’ 20% of these requests?

Yes, you could save $20,000 per month, or $200,000 per year.

What if you could automate 40%?

Or 60%...

Based on our experience,  20% of your support requests can be automated within the first two months after deploying a chatbot in the customer support department.

Deliver better customer experiences

A recent survey by chatbot developer Helpshift found that 94% of the 2,000+ respondents “dread contacting customer support.” The current methods of handling customer support calls, from overseas operators to automated telephone menus, have done little to ease a customer's dread at reaching out to a vendor's customer service branch.

The survey also found that customers would welcome the use of chatbots to satisfy specific needs. At least 70% of the respondents answered that they would use chatbots if they could accomplish much-needed tasks, such as resolving issues with the need to contact customer support, reduce the time needed to resolve issues, reduce the time to get a customer service representative on the phone, and streamline the entire customer service process.

And the other six....

Interested in the other 6?

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