HR/HQ Podcast: Remote Friendly VS. Remote First Mindset

In the first episode of the HR/HQ Podcast our CEO Francesco Stasi had a very engaging chat with Head of People at Leadfeeder, Veronica Arena.

Veronica Arena

Veronica shared her experience on remote working, a topic that became so crucial after the outbreak of the pandemic and that will stay by our side for the many years to come. She believes that working from home is not much different from any of the previous in-office jobs she had, although she says many people are finding it hard to deal with due to their unfamiliarity with the correct behavioural patterns needed to maintain balance.

Veronica pointed out two different mindsets that take place while remote-working: Remote First and Remote Friendly.

If the former is the mindset of people aware of not ever having the chance to work together in a physical workspace, the latter considers the flexibility and perks of working from home whenever employees need to but still keeping in mind that they could get together in the same workspace and communicate in person. Companies born with the remote first ideas as their foundations have had many advantages over the businesses that found themselves having to shape into remote friendly environments throughout the current crisis, not only due to their lower expenditure in time and resources on adjusting to a diverse way of working, also because of their already instaurated mindset. 

Working from home is the future of many businesses because most of the times the benefits outnumber the downsides: first of all employees enjoy being able to pay for cheaper accommodations, having more freedom and in general they enjoy the transparency and trust present in the culture of teleworking. As a matter of fact, Veronica revealed that her employees and coworkers feel “treated like adults” since they are completely autonomous with no one micromanaging them and such a dynamic makes them more motivated and engaged in playing a role in the success of the company.

A further asset is brought by the hybrid model that Leadfeeder strives to maintain and develop, where certain departments of the firm (e.g. Customer Support where employees found it helpful to interact with and learn from each other) and some activities of higher importance (onboardings, promotions, meetings) are held in local and physical hubs to create a heightened sense of belonging, although the main workload is taken care of at home.

Nonetheless, Veronica and her team are careful to maintain the remote first mindset with a special focus on sharing as much data and information as possible with their employees in order for people not to be left out.

The future of work is indeed remote and, as Veronica told us, the most important things in remote-working are: “communicating in the right way, documenting things, managing expectations, creating guidelines and policies and making sure that everyone receives the same treatment”.

You can go ahead and watch Veronica and Francesco talk all about this on the BotSupply’s Youtube channel:

Our guest also mentioned her involvement in various Governmental programs to aid immigrants settle in Finland: when she first moved there she was lucky enough to immediately find a job, her dream job, therefore she now wishes to make other people as fortunate as her. She currently conducts one-on-one career advice sessions with immigrants spouses of Finnish members of society. Veronica is more than willing to be part of Finland’s internationalization process as this is something much needed for the country to get out of its “niche” national economy.

BotSupply shares every single word Veronica said and is truly happy to have had the chance to learn something new about the future of remote-working. 

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