HR/HQ Podcast: The Best Approach for the Workplace of The Future

In the second episode of the HR/HQ Podcast our amazing guest Sandra Costéja Bos told our own Francesco Stasi all about the solution-driven changes that remote working, innovation and data use are bringing into the HR field. 

Sandra Costéja Bos

Sandra believes that remote-working, in a hybrid space, is here to stay since many companies have understood that employees are four times more productive working from home due to less distractions and can still connect with each other if provided with the right equipment and support.  

Nonetheless, this must be followed by the introduction of new policies, by the recruitment of new people with fresh perspectives, and more international inclusivity: she thinks that meeting held at times convenient only for people in certain, national, time-zones automatically excludes the predisposition of everyone bringing their perspectives to the table. 

A hybrid model is quintessential for the revival of innovation: in the last year it has decreased by 16% due to the lack of the bridging social capital aspect, thus the connection with people outside of the boundaries of your immediate team, embedded in the last two phases of innovation management: the incubation and the scaling. 

On the other hand, the ideation phase (first phase) is easily manageable since it only requires a small group of people to quickly iterate ideas. 

In Sandra’s vision HR leaders should now get rid of their “band-aid” approach towards fixing unexpected issues brought by the crisis, and should take a step back to look at the holistic system: they are currently required to understand what is working and what can be improved in a solution-oriented and agile way where risks are taken and users listened.

“The approach of the workplace of the future needs to be thought of more holistically but also with more risk: there’s the need of risk taking and being less risk averse in the future as an organization and as an HR department”

Sandra considers data as the foundation for success, although she is aware that if not precise it can cause terrible consequences.

“The system is a big golden or platinum shiny pipe which connects your systems into further pipes, but if you put in sewage water in it you're going to get sewage water at the other end.”

Therefore, HR leaders have to understand data: where it comes from, its trustworthiness, cleanliness and also its helpfulness to the users. 

And why do they need to do that? 

Most certainly to predict what's going to happen in the future of HR, but also to understand which resources will be needed in retention and workforce planning since that's what enables businesses to serve clients right.

Finally, Sandra has shared her views on the importance of chatbots in HR departments. Some professionals disdain these tools due to their barbaric and robotic “Q&A” activity, although she is certain that they are optimal instruments to get ROI back, improve employee experience and add values, such as having more time to connect with people, in and out of the company. 

“People should stop thinking that what they know today is going to be enough for tomorrow, particularly in HR: being an expert in recruitment, training, etc. is great but you need to understand and embrace the skills of data and digital tools.”

Our team at BotSupply learned a lot from Sandra’s inspirational and wise words. In such a short time she was able to spread her knowledge on a great variety of topics all true to our hearts.

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