How HR is Handling Covid-19 by using Chatbots

HR leaders around the world are turning to HR chatbots and Conversational Design for a better handling of Covid-19 and to manage the increasing number of requests coming from employees all over the organization impatient to get back to work at the office. 

Indeed, the pandemic made everyone understand and experience that internal communication in the workplace, such as sharing quick feedback or providing direct support to employees, is crucial for their wellbeing and the success of the HR department.

In our HR/HQ Podcast, we’ve been interviewing HR leaders from companies like EY, Oracle and MARS among the others and all our guests stressed the importance of adapting existing communication policies to embrace the new normal.

At BotSupply, we believe that Conversational Data is your untapped goldmine.

By looking at the historical conversations your people had with the chatbot, you can better learn what your employees have been requesting lately. As a consequence, you can provide them with better services, and solve problems before they spread out to the whole organization.

In order to help them get started in a matter of days, we have developed a HR chatbot template which is integrated with Oracle HCM, SAP SuccessFactors, and Workday. 

The template is a great starting-point to see results in a matter of days, and with a few modifications and customizations, it will fit your exact business needs.

Benefitting from the HR chatbot: many are already doing it!

You can enjoy the advantages of an HR chatbot by training it to answer employees’ FAQs 24/7 in a quick, personalized and friendly way. 

Or by making it take care of your candidates’ experience and onboarding, thus making you save money in the hiring process and improving your ROI.

We even added a section for your employees to anonymously share what’s on their minds and for you to understand how their mental-health is holding up. As said, it is no coincidence that communication has built up so much fame as HR started handling Covid-19.

"How are you" Use Case

How to get started with an HR Chatbot?

Getting started with a chatbot is easier than what most people believe. Within the BotSupply Chatbot Management System (CMS), we make it as easy as possible for anyone to be able to manage and edit your HR chatbot.

Let us break down the process. 

1. Pick one of the 20+ pre-built use cases we have built already based on our previous experiences.

And hey, if you’re still not finding what you need we will add new accessible and custom-fit ones for you. 

Scroll down the post to see some of the use cases we have prebuilt.

Pick one the pre-built use cases

2. Customise the chatbot to fit your needs and company policies.

From editing the content of the flows to adding new ones, it only ever takes a click of a button to do this and much more.

Add a new use case with just one click

3. Integrate it in 1-click to leading HR softwares like Oracle HCM, SAP Successfactors and Workday.

You can then integrate the chatbot with any software of your liking, Oracle HCM in the example below.

Integrate the chatbot with the software you are already using

4. Launch the chatbot in less than 30 days and see immediate ROI.

Finally save your progress, check how you’re liking it and “Push live” your chatbot, all in a matter of days.

Save, Preview and Push Live the chatbot in matter of seconds

What can the ready-made HR chatbot template do for you?

After having followed these tips and steps on how to easily design your chatbot with a solid basis of Conversational Design, you will notice that the off-the-shelf HR chatbot template actually covers different but common use cases where chatbots lend a fundamental helping hand. 

Let’s dive in deeper and get acquainted with the HR chatbot template use cases.

Get Payslips

With this Oracle HCM action you will be able to get quick and direct access to payslips related to a specific date: from yesterday, last week of five years back.

All of this just by typing in the date of the payroll you’re in need to look at.

Easy as that!

Payslips Use Case


The HR bot will provide you with the ability to create diverse and personalized absence types, such as vacation or sickness and check them out by simply answering these questions: “What’s the employee’s name?”, “What is his/her Id number?” and “For which date?”.

Absences Use Case

Candidate Application

By connecting this Oracle HCM action to your chatbot you will be kept up to date on the status of your candidates’ applications. 

Just enter the date you are interested in, as shown in the picture, and you’re good to go.

Performance Goals

BotSupply’s HR chatbot template allows you to check how hard your employees are working and gives you a better understanding on whether or not they’re on the right track to reach their goals. This is an incredible tool for HR’s handling of Covid-19 through the advent of remote-working in 

Keep the hard work going!

Performance Goals tracking Use Case

Recruiting Candidates & Jobs

Keep informed on job listings requisites and status, and also keep an eye out for candidates’ details: easily do that through our chatbot flows.

Take a look at them👇

Learn about your candidates

Worker Directory

Did we mention that communication in the workplace is key to success? I believe so!

And what better way to do it than allowing your employees to get access to their colleagues’ directories and keep in direct touch with them.

Amazing right?

Worker Directory Use Case

Benefits Coverage

Personalization is a key feature in our out-of-the-box HR chatbot template: this is why you are given the possibility to create personalized features based on your needs, exactly as those specifying benefits coverage and plan types, such as health packages. 

Through one of the use cases, employees can easily check up on their updated covered benefits.

Self-service Incident

As much as you try to keep your workplace safe there will always be some accidents once in a while. That is why with this Oracle HCM action you can grant quick access to your employees to file incident reports by specifying their date, location and writing a summary of the event.

Incident Reporting Use Case


BotSupply has the goal to help HR leaders in handling the Covid-19 crisis and to free up valuable time from repetitive tasks thus creating more opportunities to focus on their core assets: their people.

We believe the HR chatbot template answers directly to that mission of ours.

If you want to learn more about it and all our other solutions you are welcome to contact us here.


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