HR Chatbots: improving your HR ops from the inside out


HR departments are one of the fastest-paced in the business world and the ones keeping the wheels of many modern companies turning. Indeed, developing and growing businesses requires a strict focus on hiring new talents and most importantly keeping employees satisfied.HCM chatbots are here to help you out with this mission: these “bot-buddies” will lift some weight off HR managers’ shoulders and create happier work environments.

How, you might think...Well, let me explain the advantages of employing a chatbot in your HR department.

Why Adopt a Chatbot in HR

Internal bottom-up and top-down communication is more often than not an intimidating process for employees, where one can never be sure to have reached all the interested individuals; plus, it is one of the lengthiest procedures that HR managers face every single day. Moreover, let’s not forget about all the days in which executives go through mostly repetitive and boring emails and those others spent finding the best suited candidates to grow their teams - statistics show that on average 22.9 days are needed to hire a valid employee 😳.
So many hours in the agenda are used to schedule what seem to be infinite interviews and solve employees’ inquiries, that at the end of the week one might think: “where did all my time go?”

Well, what if we told you that you can solve many of these problems in a matter of seconds? 

A Human Capital Management (HCM) Chatbot accurately tailored to your business can smoothly and quickly answer the great majority of frequently asked questions, coming both from candidates and staff members. Although, if the issue in question seems to be too hard for the bot-buddy to understand, it can easily be redirected to the management. Chatbots can also take care of the end-to-end recruiting process: from the application all the way to the onboarding. All the most tedious steps like monitoring attendance and performance of your employees, scheduling interviews, managing payslips and recording leave balances will become easy as pie.
You are not convinced yet? Maybe the following statistics will!

From the HR Manager’s Standpoint 

  • HR Managers responsible for the recruitment process spend weekly between 20 and 13 hours looking for candidates: that’s half their workweek!
  • Human Resources departments are busy answering queries regarding payrolls and administration 33% of their time. Not to mention the additional 7 % spent managing employees’ leaves of absence. All for the grand total of 40% of their time.
  • Half of the recruiters find it troublesome letting candidates proceed throughout the hiring process and the other half finds reviewing resumes a very monotonous and interminable job.
HR Managers' Workweek

From the Employee's and Candidate’s Standpoint 

  • On average, candidates get an offer 5 to 6 weeks after their interview: in the meantime they could have found 10 other job opportunities. 
  • 61% of candidates do not receive an onboarding and, after quitting, 23% of the latter believes that with proper training and directions they could have performed their duties much better.
  • A fourth of the employees generally associates higher stress levels with the lack of communication and feedback provided by their managers, and 75% of them would happily work longer for the company if their queries were to be answered quickly.

Benefits of HCM chatbots

All of the aforementioned challenges that HR managers, candidates and employees face everyday could be made much simpler through the employment of a dedicated Chatbot. As a matter of fact, the benefits of the bot-buddies outnumber by much their cons!


While a HR manager takes hours to go through applications and internal queries, a chatbot can answer them in just a few seconds, thus boosting the efficiency of your business. Chatbots are not only fast, they can also lead to an improvement in funneling candidates: this will allow additional time for executives to focus on most urgent issues and it will lower the amount of money spent (7%) for each candidate in the hiring process.

24/7 around the World

HCM Chatbots make the company more accessible, would it concern external or internal communication. Just as customer service bots help strengthen the relationship between the firm and the customer, HCM Chatbots enhance the bond that ties the firm with its employees and applicants. No matter where the latter are or at which hour of the day they need help, the bot-buddies will be there to answer their questions. This is a major plus for companies that, as BotSupply, believe in the power of remote working! 

Face-to-Screen Conversation

Most people believe that a conversation with a “computer” would not be as satisfactory and engaging as talking face-to-face with another human being, although the capabilities of the current Chatbots will surprise you. Chatting with the bot is most of the time perceived as a “intimate” talk with a friend, a funny and available friend! Every dialogue with this HCM technology will make your staff members feel as if they are personally being taken care of.

Timely feedback 

Your employees and applicants will also benefit from receiving more frequent and updated news. Instead of scrolling through an oversaturated mailbox, staff and outsiders will have the chance to ask the Chatbot and receive an immediate reply thanks to its intuitive knowledge base. 

Extra & Better Candidates

An increased number of candidates can apply and be screened in a matter of seconds. Thanks to Chatbots, all of their doubts will be answered, thus leading to better informed candidates who won’t quit before even proceeding to the interview process. Moreover, companies using HCM chatbots are able to review candidates with impartiality: with no bias and emotions playing a role in the hiring process, all applicants have a fair shot at getting the job. Creating a better experience for job-seekers is an additional advantage for your firm.


HR conversations as a standard require the sharing of private details, so what better than a computer to keep those secret?! Chatbots operate on highly protected cloud based servers thanks to which your company won't have to worry about confidentiality issues. Building trust between coworkers is the key to success and be sure that the bot-buddies will not disappoint you.

Platform agnostic

Whether you use Oracle HCM, SAP, Workday or anything else, chatbots can be integrated with your systems to perform even the more complex tasks.


Essentially, stop imagining a way in which to boost your HR department efficiency!

Here at BotSupply we have the right solution for you: our HCM Chatbot is always there for your employees and applicants to answer questions and give them advice. Plus, it will become a great buddy for HR managers to rely on, especially while dealing with the infinite and time-consuming tasks they are challenged with every day.

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