HR/HQ Podcast: The Biggest Shift in HR in 2021

For our third HR HQ Podcast episode, BotSupply’s CEO Francesco Stasi was more than excited to feature Christoph Grandpierre and learn all about his views on the transformation occurring in the HR space thanks to virtual collaboration and the employee-centric mindset.

Christoph has vast experience in HR, from working in big corporates to becoming an independent consultant, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that when asked about the differences in the approach applied to the field throughout the years he had a lot to say. 

“The biggest shift is from a more structured process related organization into an organization who has to lead the colleague experience and drive culture and value with the business.”

As a matter of fact, Christoph believes that nowadays it is all about integration and employees’ experience, therefore taking a perspective that goes from the outside in, not to mention the huge role played by technology!

Although not every company has matured this approach: some still believe that many activities only need to be accredited to HR and this results in a “patchy” and segmented outcome. What instead they should really think about, Christoph says, is making sure to integrate the finance, IT, facility management teams and so on when redesigning HR processes.

“To change that element you need not only the right people but you also need to have the mandate to change significantly the structures across all those different players. That often means it's not only the process it’s also the underlying technology, but even more so it is a mindset topic!”    

An additional key factor is communication: as we already mentioned, most of the times bigger firms fall behind in renewing their approaches since they remain attached to the traditional way of working. Whilst smaller companies, even if in the process of scaling up in the automation space are disadvantaged, have that extra “something” when it comes to communicating. 

Christoph told us that this is mainly given by the fact that younger generations understand how much employees’ experience is influenced by engaging in open dialogues and showing vulnerability, thus having a “I don't have an answer to everything” and “Let's talk about it and let's make things better” attitude.

“It's about how you communicate with your teams and with your colleagues, how you open up to things and how you are able to, on the one hand, position the things you believe in and your values, and on the other be open to listen and receive things and then react to them.”

Christoph, finally, shed a light on how companies are investing in new technologies to survive in this challenging period of time and also to improve not only customer satisfaction but also virtual collaboration and co-creation. 
Regarding the latter, he finds it extremely easy to carry out in the remote work environment, provided that the organization has the correct equipment and leadership. On the contrary, from his experience Christoph noticed that innovation is much more difficult to drive by working from home because to innovate people are, for the most, required to meet up in physical get-togethers. That is why he believes that innovation is currently suffering more than co-creation!

The team at BotSupply warmly thanks this awesome guest for sharing so much of his great knowledge. We can’t wait for you to listen to the full episode starring Christoph and sharing your ideas with us.  

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