BotSupply’s AI Scientists share their predictions for AI advancements in 2018

If something has (for years now) damaged AI’s reputation and image, it’s the way that it has been portrayed and despicted in big Hollywood productions. From some of the first visionary movies like Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey that aired in 1968. The epic science-fiction film almost sat an agenda for all the movies that would come after. The movie’s main antagonist HAL, an intelligent computer went from resourceful and helpful to scary and dangerous in an always stomach turning development of events.

Many other movies and cult series portraying AI as unfriendly have come and gone. The latest show to stir commotion? HBO’s West World, where Dolores (spoilers ahead) goes from the sweetest AI around to a mass murderer that goes on an insane killing spree on the finale for the first season of the renowned show.

“We are being afflicted with a new disease of which some readers may not yet have heard the name, but of which they will hear a great deal in the years to come — namely, technological unemployment.” A quote from the 1927 Metropolis proves the point that the being scared of robots line provided by Hollywood has been present for a long time.

There’s two sides to the discourse. On the one hand we have the public being fed the idea that AI is/can be something powerful and scary that always has an ulterior motive (to destroy eeky humans) and on the other hand we have an alternative more eerie idea being sold, where AI is this super capable, omnipotent technology that can do/knows everything and makes no mistakes and it’s on the verge of changing everything as we know it. Neither side paints an accurate picture.

There’s almost no in between either AI is going to eat you or AI is so awesome that it can even read minds 😅

The question is, where do we really stand? If you’re looking to get some perspective on the state of AI for 2018, you can check out my latest article AI trends to pay attention to in 2018 where I compile an excerpt of the trends that show the most interest and promise for the year based on the technology and investment reports published by Gartner and PwC.

According to these studies, 2018 will be a friendly year towards AI. Where more openness and acceptance towards implementation of the technology will take place. This is partly given to the fact, that companies and employees are becoming more accepting that AI is not a replacement for the existent talent pools but an enhancement tool able to boost humans to create bigger things in an ever more efficient manner. It’s a realisation The AI Playbook — part 4: AI helping humans become better at what they do discusses in further detail.

According to PwC: Popular acceptance of AI may occur quickly

“As signs grow this year that the great AI jobs disruption will be a false alarm, people are likely to more readily accept AI in the workplace and society. We may hear less about robots taking our jobs, and more about robots making our jobs (and lives) easier. That in turn may lead to a faster uptake of AI than some organizations are expecting.” AI Predictions 2018 report, PwC

Recognising potentials & identifying progress

The team of AI Scientists at BotSupply is made up by a team that works dutifully to create products and cognitive solutions that help bring the much touted AI revolution into reality.

They’re immerse in exciting boundary pushing projects that take the already available technology and frame it and adapt it to build best in class solutions that fit and match intrinsically the necessities of the companies that BotSupply has partnered up with.

This results in the creation from scratch solutions that range across different industries from urban transportation or computer vision projects to chatbots to help aid event planning. Needless to say their constantly growing expertise and their capacity to work with versatility allows them to have a unique input and understanding on where the developments in AI will take place during this year and the years beyonds.

Here are some of their thoughts:

Rahul Kumar has participated as a mentor in many leading AI events across India and Europe.

Rahul Kumar Co-Chief AI Scientist at BotSupply sees the bet being placed on continuing to place attention to the world that surrounds us and draw influence from it to continue the journey towards reaching Artificial General Intelligence.

“Since AGI’s origin are hidden in the NATURE, we should be deriving inspiration from the same. Algorithms which go beyond binary systems and our understanding to Quantum Mechanism of Nature are what we need now. We need to replicate them and eventually evolve”. — Rahul Kumar

It’s Rahul’s view that the answers are out there, we just need to shift our understanding and manner of perceiving things to find them. Rahul’s passion to work within the AI field is fuelled by his perception of how AI can help us further our capacities he “admire (s) how machines can enhance our capability both mechanically and cognitively”.

Vishal Ranjan an Artificial Intelligence Consultant and Bot Engineer at BotSupply is never shy to share his awe towards being able to work within AI. When I discussed with him what was his drive for working on this field his answer was concrete.

“The more I work on AI, the more I admire the creator of human brain”.

It’s amicable to be able to work within a field that inspires so much awe and respect. He sees promise in AI replacing outdated models of processing data.

“Customer support, prediction models, recommendation engines and everything that was built on historical data, can be and will be replaced by AI and so eventually, the mind that works on previous learnings can be and will be replicated”

Vishal is positive about the continued development within the AI industry but he acknowledges the challenges and difficulties that might hinder the pursued advancements.

Talent is of course the biggest challenge after unorganised data. People working on AI are very few in number if compared to the problems that AI is trying to solve.
Vishal’s passion for working with AI is fuelled by his admiration of the brain.

And he is not alone in acknowledging this issue, Tencent a Chinese tech company said last december there are only 300,000 AI engineers worldwide, but millions are needed.

While universities around the world are doubling up their efforts in attracting young students to programs in which they can build careers where they can conduct research in Machine Learning and Quantum Computing.

Finally, Kumar Shridhar Co-Chief AI Scientist at BotSupply brings some humour into the debate bringing a more apocalyptic view into the table.

‘If in next 10 years, if AI gets even 10% close to what is shown in movies, then we are doomed’
Kumar, is a proud member of team bots. He spends his days helping Machines in their quest to rule us 😂

Except we all know far from being doomed AI will be the technology that if developed ethically and distributed fairly, will be the bridge that will allow for new normals to be built and that will foster that, world wide people’s everyday are improved and bettered.

That world bolstered by the superpowers of AI will be a fun flabbergasting one, and we at BotSupply look forward to continue to help build it.

Catch you on the future! 👋


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