Zendesk Support

Let the chatbot handover the conversations to agents in Zendesk Support by creating tickets automatically.
ADVANTAGES and results

AI powered automation for Zendesk Support

Connect your chatbot to Zendesk Support and let it create, handle and close tickets automatically

Rapid setup
It takes only a few clicks to connect the chatbot to Zendesk Support
Working 24/7
The chatbot is there to provide support to your customers when they really need it
Language agnostic
The chatbot will understand your customers no matter where they are in the world
key feature

Human Handover

Handover the conversation to a human agent in Zendesk Support by creating a ticket

key feature

Pre-built actions

Let the chatbot automatically trigger actions in Zendesk Support

key feature

Powerful Analytics 

Use our pre-built conversations analytics dashboard or feed the data into your BI tool of choice


How do you know how much value it provides for your team?

Chatbots are still emerging technology for many businesses. We get it if you're wondering if a chatbot will provide as much value for your team as it does for other teams.

With our VALIDATE Accelerator you can start validating the value of your chatbot within just 30 days. Low investment and no commitment.


Choose between any of our customizable pre-built use cases within HR, CX, finance, supply chain, and more.


Using the pre-built use cases as a starting point we'll customize your chatbot to fit your requirements and workflows within days.


Make the chatbot accessible for users. Obtain conversational data. Validate the value. Continue on a subscription if you're satisfied.