Hubspot Chatflows

Take Hubspot conversations to the next level by adding Conversational AI capabilities to your chatflows.
ADVANTAGES and results

Ai powered conversations for Hubspot Chatflows

Take Hubspot chat flows to the next level with conversational AI

Rapid setup
 It takes only a few clicks to connect the chatbot to Hubspot Chatfows
Language agnostic
The chatbot will understand your customers no matter where they are in the world
Hubspot Native
The bot integrates with the entire Hubspot stack and allows you to easily build complex workflows
KEY feature

Human Handover

Handover the conversation to a human agent in Hubspot and provide seamless experiences for your customers

key feature

Knowledge Search

The chatbot works seamlessly the Hubspot CRM integration to update records and answer customer questions with content from your Hubspot knowledge base

key feature

Powerfull analytics

Get a complete overview of all the key numbers and KPIs for your chatbot.