Automate the first line of support and free time for your agents by deploying your chatbot to Freshchat.
ADVANTAGES and results

AI powered interactions for Freshchat

Let the chatbot automate high volume repetitive request while you agents are focusing on the most relevant requests

Rapid setup
It takes only a few clicks to connect the chatbot to Freshchat
Increase deflection
Reduce ticket creation by providing users with the right content at the right time
Language agnostic
The chatbot will understand your customers no matter where they are in the world
key feature

Human Handover

Handover the conversation to a human agent in Freshchat and provide seamless experiences for your customers

key feature

Knowledge Search

The channel works seamlessly with the Freshdesk integration so that the chatbot can create tickets and easily search the knowledge base

key feature

Web and app widget

The bot integrates seamlessly with the Freshchat web widget and sdk, no need for complex integrations