what have your customers told you lately?

Answering that question is critical to happy customers and engaged employees. We help you do just that.

With BotSupply you can
deliver a more personal and personalized customer and employee experience, while working more efficiently and reducing costs.

Looking for a reason to start working with us?  We’ll give you the top 4 things that our customers love the most about us.

We have a hands-on and agile mindset

We embrace uncertainty and thrive when our customers are demanding. We understand that one size cannot fit all, that’s why we adapt ourselves to work the way you’d like.

If you need hand-holding and want us to build your first bot for you, that’s possible. If you wanna co-create, our customer success team helps you do that. What if you are geeks like us? Amazing! We just let you in on our super-simple no-code platform and you can start building bots yourself!

we're conversational data geeks

Yes, we dream about chatbots that embrace your brand’s personality. That speak like you would to your customers, but we don’t just stop there.

Our secret mission why we build chatbots is, to show you what your data is saying. We find those “Wow! I didn’t know the customers actually care about this” moments and bring them to you. A chatbot that just automates is yesterday, a bot that powers your decisions for tomorrow, that’s what we’re interested in.

we have unmatched technology

Our AI geeks have built an engine that makes our customers go “wow”. All those times the customers write “forgt pqsswrd” instead of “forgot password” we still get it right.

Our tech is built to understand humans the way they speak, yes, even with the errors that our teachers won’t approve of. And we do it in over 100 languages, so that you can talk to your customers in the language they speak. 

we're enterprise ready

Our technology is powered by Oracle, making it as enterprise ready and secure as it can get.

Our chatbots connect seamlessly to all your backend systems like Oracle ERP, Service Cloud, HCM, Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk with secure prebuilt integrations.

kick the tires with a trial

We guess you're thinking 'does this really work??' We get it, and that's why we're offering you to kick the tires with a chatbot trial.

You select the use case, and provide your frequently asked questions. Then a designated chatbot operator from our team configures and trains your custom-built chatbot within 7 days for you to try out for a month.