build a chatbot.
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Meet the BotSupply Chatbot Management System (we call it CMS).

Built for the line-of-business.
That is why, when you build a chatbot on the CMS you don't need any coding skills.

Available in 100+ languages.

Get started

Flow builder

Creating conversations in our flow builder is as easy as drag and drop.

Add images, videos to your dialogues, use buttons, emojis, integrate into different channels, and deploy your bot on messenger, whatsapp, your website and more.

Tip: Preview your bot before releasing it into the wild.


Upgrade your conversations by using our conditional logic, "If customer says X do Y".

Make your chatbots smarter and delight your customers with accurate and personalized solutions.


Add drag and drop action blocks to your conversation flow. Easy example: User wants to speak to a human? Add action for live-chat handover and create a ticket in your ticketing system.

Add Actions to conditions to really solve complex issues without breaking a sweat.


This is where the magic happens. Capture information and use it to personalize future conversations. From easy things like "First name" to more complicated user attributes like "interested in white sneakers" based on last purchase, create variables that can help you really deliver a personal attention to each user.

Instantly and automatically capture information that can then be used to personalize future conversations. Sync it to your CRM to shower extra attention on your extra special customers.


Our state of the art Natural Language Processing(NLP), which just means artificial intelligence, allows your chatbots to actually understand what customers or employees are saying or chatting to them. It detects their intents and allows you to respond to their needs, in the language they speak in.
We support 100+ languages so you can connect with your customers even better.


Wherever there’s a conversation there can be a bot!

BotSupply supports all messaging platforms you love, Facebook Messenger and Workplace, Whatsapp, Slack, Live Chat, Mobile Apps, MS Team, Telegram, Twilio, SMS and even email.

But that’s not all, we also support customer engagement platforms like Zendesk Chat, FreshChat, Salesforce Chatter, Genesys Pure Cloud, Oracles Service Cloud and more.

prebuilt chatbots

We make it even easier for you to start building your own chatbot.
Just select from our selection of Bot templates and get started right away.
Find pre-built flows and intents that users most commonly ask.

powered by oracle = enterprise ready

As part of the Oracle for Startups and Oracle ISV of the Year Denmark FY20, we have so much we can give to our joint customers together. Oracle has the infrastructure and security the enterprise needs, BotSupply has the agility, speed, and innovation rate of a scale up.

The best of two worlds!

kick the tires with a trial

We guess you're thinking 'does this really work??' We get it, and that's why we're offering you to kick the tires with a chatbot trial.

You select the use case, and provide your frequently asked questions. Then a designated chatbot operator from our team configures and trains your custom-built chatbot within 7 days for you to try out for a month.