measure, analyze, optimize, repeat

Just like humans want to be better versions of themselves, your chatbots want the same.

Optimize your chatbots based on conversational data collected from every conversation.

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Connect to your favorite analytics & bi software

Use our data connectors to connect your chatbots to your favourite analytics & BI software to fetch your raw conversational data, in real-time.

We offer prebuilt data connectors for the most popular analytics & BI software out there like Oracle Analytics, Power BI, Google Data Studio, and many more.

A hobby data scientist you say? Grab all the conversational data to apply your own algorithms by using our API.

measure and analyze your data

Get started with prebuilt dashboard and visualizations to track things like most common user intents, number of users, and more.

Want to track custom metrics that matter to your business? Use the raw conversational data right in your analytics & BI software to create any type of report, metric, dashboard, visualization, funnel, or whatelse your heart desires.

now it's time to improve your chatbots

What good is conversational data if you don't use it to better your chatbot? Use the reports and dashboards to assess, or even group similar problematic messages, uncovering functionality gaps, to optimize your chatbots.

Scale your chatbots with BotSupply Insights, that uses machine learning to suggest improvements that can be applied.

powered by oracle = enterprise ready

As part of the Oracle for Startups and Oracle ISV of the Year Denmark FY20, we have so much we can give to our joint customers together. Oracle has the infrastructure and security the enterprise needs, BotSupply has the agility, speed, and innovation rate of a scale up.

The best of two worlds!

kick the tires with a trial

We guess you're thinking 'does this really work??' We get it, and that's why we're offering you to kick the tires with a chatbot trial.

You select the use case, and provide your frequently asked questions. Then a designated chatbot operator from our team configures and trains your custom-built chatbot within 7 days for you to try out for a month.

Top 3 tips on how to build the perfect chatbot
Top 3 tips on how to build the perfect chatbot

Top 3 tips on how to build a great chatbot that delivers a seamless customer experience

Thirteen Hours: The Average hold time on support calls Americans spend every year
Thirteen Hours: The Average hold time on support calls Americans spend every year

Forward-looking retailers are implementing support chatbots to completely eliminate customer dissatisfaction and build a foundation for the future of CX.

The Pandemic’s unexpected toll on HR Teams
The Pandemic’s unexpected toll on HR Teams

2020 has seen HR Teams become one of the most overloaded teams in the Retail Industry. Growing online business, demand to recruit fast, and managing remote workforce all of this this is where HR chatbots are coming to the rescue!