"Can I get my payslip for last month?" "Where is my delivery package?" "I lost my credit card!" ...

With pre-built integrations to hundreds of applications, connecting them to your chatbots, and enable true self-service and hyper personlization, is a breeze.

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personalize with variables

The Variable feature is the magic trick. Create variables for any user attribute that can help you personally address different types of customers or employees you want to address.

Right from personalizing first names to creating different flows of conversations for returning customers, High Potential Employees etc. The possibilities are endless, and the result is happier customers and more engaged employees.

automate processes with actions

Add drag and drop action blocks to your conversation flow. Easy example: User wants to speak to a human? Add action for live-chat handover and create a ticket in Oracle Service Cloud or Zendesk.

Add Actions to easily really solve complex issues without breaking a sweat.

Connect with 1-click

Automating frequently asked questions is not nearly as powerful as when you combine it with automating business processes, that’s why we made connecting to your applications as simple as 1-click.

We offer pre-built integrations to hundreds of applications (and the catalogue is continuously growing).

Your application is not in our catalogue? Don't worry, connecting to your custom application via REST API is simple!

powered by oracle = enterprise ready

As part of the Oracle for Startups and Oracle ISV of the Year Denmark FY20, we have so much we can give to our joint customers together. Oracle has the infrastructure and security the enterprise needs, BotSupply has the agility, speed, and innovation rate of a scale up.

The best of two worlds!

kick the tires with a free trial

We guess you're thinking 'does this really work??' We get it, and that's why we're offering you to kick the tires with a free chatbot trial.

You select the use case, and provide your frequently asked questions. Then a designated chatbot operator from our team configures and trains your custom-built chatbot within 7 days for you to try out. At no costs!

The Pandemic’s unexpected toll on HR Teams
The Pandemic’s unexpected toll on HR Teams

2020 has seen HR Teams become one of the most overloaded teams in the Retail Industry. Growing online business, demand to recruit fast, and managing remote workforce all of this this is where HR chatbots are coming to the rescue!

Integrate BotSupply chatbots and with Oracle SaaS Apps
Integrate BotSupply chatbots and with Oracle SaaS Apps

Build Digital Assistants in 27 languages connected to your Oracle SaaS Apps

Integrate HR Digital Assistants with Oracle HCM
Integrate HR Digital Assistants with Oracle HCM

“I forgot my employee portal password” “What’s my leave balance” Are you automating repetitive HR requests?