Automating 20% support requests in
30 days

New age Banking with a new age customer support

Tomorrow Bank is a sustainable banking solution that helps users manage their finances while reducing their carbon footprint.

Tomorrow's customers, 30,000+ and growing are technology savvy and always online.

The Challenge

Being a small team who wanted to always provide a “wow” experience to their customer throughout their journey, Tomorrow knew that customer support will be the most important part of their online banking model. 

As their customers started growing exponentially, so did the customer requests. They started with a fully manual email and human-agent chat customer service support which was soon inundated with rising request tickets in backlog. 

That's where Botsupply came in

BotSupply helped the customer in four steps.

  • Understanding business needs By analysing historical conversational data, we quickly identified the key areas conversations could be fully automated.
  • Multilingual Chatbot Design We supported Tomorrow in designing a German speaking chatbot on the BotSupply CMS, in order to detect and solve the most common requests across all the languages involved.
  • Backend Integrations The chatbot is deployed on Freshchat integrated with Freshdesk ticketing system. This allowed the chatbot to provide more contextual information by fetching relevant answers e.g. searching for knowledge base articles and more without the need for manual lookups.
  • Do-it-yourself CMS The team from tomorrow actually built their chatbot themselves on our Chatbot Management System (CMS) and the lines of code they had to write in the process? Zero.

Reduced workload

In the first 3 months, 20% of all incoming requests are already fully automated, leaving more time for the team to focus on complex issues.

1st line of support

From 0 support requests answered outside working hours and weekdays to 24/7 support.

Higher engagement

Since the launch, the chatbot now sends more outbound messages per week than all the human agents combined.

“The chatbot helps us in making banking easy and helps us be there for our customers 24/7. It’s the perfect 1st line of support and answers all repetitive questions leaving the complex and interesting ones for our support team”
Ron Gerber,
Head Of Customer Support, Tomorrow


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