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Today, thousands of kids and youngsters every year are victims of sexual offences, especially in digital channels and platforms.

Save the Children is the world's biggest organisation for children's rights and welfare. 
In Denmark, they have launched the initiative cto combat digital-based sexual offence

The Challenge

Our main objective was to break down barriers that prevent kids to report incidents, and seek advice to deal with cyberbullying and online abuse. 

SletDet works specifically with children and young adults to help them understand their rights if someone is posting their pictures online without their consent. The challenge the team faced was their telephone services were available only between 14.00-16.00 twice a week and children were hesitant to speak to the counsellors.

That's where Botsupply came in

BotSupply helped the customer by deploying a chatbot, and helping them keep support lines open 24/7.

  • Understanding business needs By analysing historical data, talking to children, conducting workshops and interviews together with StC team, we prototyped and tested our chatbot  and kept optimizing it based on the conversational data we received from tests and pilot.

  • Multilingual Chatbot Design We designed a Danish speaking chatbot on the BotSupply CMS, in order to detect and solve the most common requests.

  • Backend Integrations We deployed the chatbot on the customer’s the website and there is a leaddesk integration that allows the user to be set up with a counselor through the chatbot.


From support telephone services being available only between 14.00-16.00 twice a week, the bot made it 24/7


The chatbot humazined the process as young adults and children found it easier to seek help from a bot.


Monthly user requests to SletDet have grown by 10X within the first 3 months of deploying the chatbot.

“Our chatbot creates great value for us because it empowers us to reach users that we wouldn't normally get to. We therefore have a wider outreach and can help more children and young people with digital sex offences through the chatbot.”
Sophie Høilund,
Save the Children, Denmark


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