Increasing content consumption for physicians through a Voice bot

Driving engagement with physicians

Lundbeck, a Danish international pharmaceutical company was looking for a better way to engage with its physicians, who need to stay up-to-date with all the new research and scientific developments without having to constantly search for research papers and publications.

The Challenge

Lundbeck was struggling in sharing new content with its physicians and keep them up-to-date with new scientific research and new products. This resulted in some of the physicians in the network to adopt products from competitors of Lundbeck, and revenue losses.

The question we faced was how can we share more information on new products and insights on the latest scientific research with a global network of physicians in a more engaging way?

That's where Botsupply came in

We delivered a chatbot which increased content consumption and discoverability letting physicians spend time on consuming content - not looking for it.

  • Understanding business needs By analysing the current communication flow, the key areas where a chatbot could helped have been identified.

  • Multilingual Chatbot Design We designed a Danish speaking voicebot, deployed on Google Assistant, in order to better communicate with the Danish physicians. Over time, the voice bot became a chatbot as well, and it has been replicated in 3 other countries globally in 3 different languages.

  • Backend Integrations We integrated the chatbot with the customer’s knowledge base, so that the bot could update itself by simply fetching the new material uploaded on the CSM. 

  • Channels The bot was deployed on Google Assistant (voicebot) and on the physicians intranet (chatbot)

Higher Engagement

Since the launch, physicians are now able to access all latest research papers without having to spend time on finding it.

Zero maintainance

From having dedicated resources to manage queries of physicians, the bot autonomously manages all conversations.

Automatic Updates

The chatbot is automatically updated to fetch all new resources and articles uploaded on the customer's knowledge base.

“Content consumption increased by 50% within the first 4 months after launch.”

Giovanni di Sarro,
Global Digital Solutions Business Partner, Lundbeck


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