Standing together with the front line

Secure access to crucial data

Helsinki University Central Hospital is the largest university hospital in Finland, and one of the largest hospitals in Europe employing over 25.000 people.

Their main objective was to create a chatbot that can be used by the medical staff to access different types of data to better assist the patients. And to do this in a very secure way.

The Challenge

HUS has to process a lot of data everyday. The medical staff, nurses and doctors all need access to different patient reports and information which assists them in their daily work. The level of authority clearance varies employee to employee.

The Challenge was to build a bot in native Finnish which strictly complied with the security aspects and makes the job of the front line easier.

That's where Botsupply came in

BotSupply helped the customer in four steps.

  • Understanding business needs By analysing historical conversational data we identified common issues like change passwords, authentication and login. Since security and restricted access to the data was the key factor, each interaction had to be password protected and designed to be accessed only by the user with the right clearance.

  • Multilingual Chatbot Design We designed a Finnish speaking chatbot on the BotSupply CMS, in order to detect and solve the most common requests.

  • Backend Integrations We integrated the chatbot with the customer’s database and deployed on their private Oracle cloud environment for complete data security. HUS has also purchased their own Oracle Digital Assistant after the business case had been proved during the initial phase.

  • Security The chatbot lives in a legally complex industry. The security features ensures only the users with the right level of access get the information that they are looking for. Furthermore, since HUS have their own Oracle Digital Assistant deployed on their private Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the solution lives up to the highest security standards which enables the handling of highly sensitive medical data.

Reduced workload

In the first 3 months, 20% of all incoming requests are already fully automated, leaving more time for the team to focus on complex issues.

1st line of support

From 0 support requests answered outside working hours and weekdays to 24/7 support.

Higher engagement

Since the launch, the chatbot now sends more outbound messages per week than all the human agents combined.

“The chatbot has empowered our medical staff with the right information they need to help the patients. They can now care for them better and faster.”

Tero Lindholm,
Information Systems Manager,
Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS)


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