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Eika is of the largest real estate developers and construction service providers in Lithuania with 90+ employees and over €20m+ in turnover. Since 1992, EIKA group has built over 4.500 apartments and 416.000 square meters of commercial premises.

The Challenge

The team from EIKA wanted to understand how a conversational AI solution could help their business by leading potential buyers  through their buying process. EIKA had already been in the forefront of innovation on the Lithuanian market, and they further wanted to enhance user experience (UX) and experiment with an AI powered solution to provide superieur services and ultimately sell more apartments.

That's where Botsupply came in

We delivered a chatbot which reduced the time agents were spending answering repetitive emails, phone calls, and organizing appointments. This process was fully automated by the chatbot.

  • Understanding business needs
    We worked closely together with EIKA real estate agents and their marketing team, and analyzed historical interaction with their clients in order to define the use-cases and understand where we can provide the most value with a conversational UI.

  • Multilingual Chatbot Design
    We designed a Lithuanian speaking chatbot on the BotSupply CMS, in order to nudge the users to book a meeting, while providing useful information to them 24/7. The bot manages the user journey from the moment they first arrive on the website, all the way until they meet the agents.

  • Backend Integrations
    We deployed the chatbot on the client’s website and there is an integration with their Outlook system where the bot can check the availability of agents, propose time-slots for their customers and book their calendar seamlessly. 


60% more time for the agents to meet new prospects as all the repetitive work was automated.


The agents spent more time with customers and the automated process gave a much better UX to the clients.

Business Growth

The same team of real-estate agents was now delivering a much higher revenue growth.

"Our chatbot creates great value for us because it frees up almost 40% our our real estate agent’s time. Instead of replying to repetitive queries they go out and drive business."
Jorūnė Juodžbalytė,
Head of marketing and communications, EIKA


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