Step into the era of Conversational AI

Our suite of products and services enables any enterprise in any industry to successfully implement Conversational AI.


BotSupply CMS Platform

Our Conversational AI Content Management System (CMS) provides all the tools you need to design, build, launch, and manage bots. The CMS is compatible with Oracle Bots Platform, which provides the scalability and security enterprises demand.

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Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Our state of the art Natural Language Processing (NLP) was built from the ground up, and is amongst others utilizing multiple NLP and machine learning (ML) algorithms, to accurately detect user intents and extract entities in multiple languages.

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Conversational Design Services

Our proven approach in creating conversational interfaces generally builds on a mix of data- and user driven design principles, with elements of contextual design, workshops, prototyping, copy writing, character design as well as conversational architecture.

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ML & AI Services

We provide customized ML & AI solutions within image recognition, real-time object detection, prediction engines and everything in between. We focus on solutions that are simple to integrate into existing processes. Utilizing our expertise allows companies of all sizes to quickly deploy AI without having to build an internal costly AI team.

Integration Services

Our experienced engineers can relieve the pressure from your IT team to speed up go-to-market. They help build backend integrations, advanced customizations and more.

Conversational Marketing Services

Conversational Marketing is about connecting with your audience how, when, and where they want. Our team of experts helps you with best practices on user acquisition strategies, campaigns, setting up split testing, tracking, setting and measuring KPIs.

Customer Success Services

Your dedicated customer success manager helps your team analyze data, tweak flows, best practices to ensure your bots are always optimized and hitting it's KPIs. Furthermore, they are your gateway to the different experts on the BotSupply team.

AI Training Services

Our AI trainers are linguistics that are experts in helping you create, maintain and test your dataset to ensure best practices are enforced for best performance.

Some of our clients

BotSupply is helping us at Salling Group to explore the possibilities of conversational interfaces and AI, so that we are ready to take advantage of these crucial emerging technologies.
Ulf Bach-Vedel
Digital Project Manager, Salling Group

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