Where creativity and AI intersect

BotSupply was born out of our enthusiasm for all the advancements that are currently happening within Conversational AI.

We aim to start a trend of building Conversational AI, pushing for more than just a bunch of numbers and code. We believe adding a voice and soul to Conversational AI will enable the creation of intelligent machines that become companions to enhance a brand’s relationship with their customers, transform their customer experience and drive business outcomes.

Pushing boundaries 

With an interdisciplinary team made up by developers, creatives, AI scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs, pushing the envelope is our second nature.

We have fun building prototypes, bouncing ideas around & experimenting to discover new more versatile & efficient ways of doing things. This results in a unique way of understanding Conversational AI where creativity and originality are at the core of the solutions we build.

Community Building

Community Building

We welcome any opportunity to spread education about Conversational AI. That's why we're the organizers of the Chatbots Copenhagen meetup group and active members in various other groups within Conversational AI, Bots and AI. Furthermore we often collaborate with educational institutions and other organizations to get grounded in what Conversational AI is and what it isn’t; what it can do, and what it can’t; best practices and worst missteps.

It’s our view that community building, sharing insights and collaboration between those looking to push the envelope within this emerging space, will foster creativity, and lead the way for groundbreaking customer experiences.




Since we started in late 2016 our team has grown to 18 people. Half of us works from our headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. The other half works remotely from around the world.

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