The AI & bots agency

BotSupply was born out of our enthusiasm for all the advancements that are currently happening within AI.  

Our aim is to start a trend for a new way of building AI, pushing for more than just a bunch of numbers and code. We add creativity, soul, and a voice to AI, creating intelligent machines that become companions which help enhance a brand’s relationship with their customers.

We're building an ecosystem

We seek to promote a space where companies and AI scientists looking to implement & research AI can come together to create advanced & original AI solutions.

For this, we offer an ecosystem fueled by a global network of AI Scientists that is strengthened by our revenue sharing model. Scientists have freedom to work with projects of their choosing, from the location that best suits them. The magic happens when BotSupply provides these scientists with access to data from companies interested on implementing AI.

This allows for global AI talent to team up with companies looking to implement AI & together create boundary pushing AI solutions.

Combining Forces: 1 + 1 = 3

It’s our view that collaboration between those looking push the envelope, will foster creativity, and lead the way for more technically advanced and cost effective AI solutions. We strive to build a mutually beneficial network where the benefit for one will indirectly benefit the rest.

If you're a bot agency looking to scale, an AI scientist looking for interesting challenges, a creative in love with conversational UX - or just generally an AI & bot enthusiast, please don't hesitate to get in touch. At BotSupply you’ll feel right at home!