AI is changing the way we interact with brands

Human language will be the interface of human-computer interactions that ensure delightful customer experiences - and in order to succeed, they need to be designed.
The interface of tomorrow is the oldest and most human form of interaction – language
Humans have augmented their capabilities ever since we learned to use the combined forces of our cognition and hands to craft physical tools. We've since used those skills to establish ourselves as the leading species on earth, and what really sat homo sapiens apart was something more intangible. It was our ability to make nuanced communication and talk to each other.

Since then, we have come along way. We created languages, dialects, expressions, and we learned to write. Somewhere along the way, we also invented computers. We later learned to type on a keyboard and to maneuver a "mouse". We made programs that could execute binary code. But until now, we have still been adapting our interactions to the premise of the computer system, now carried out via swipes and touches on screens.

But the relationship between humans and technology is changing with AI as the big enabler. This, we believe at BotSupply, creates the need for a new kind of designed service - conversational design - which builds on the foundation of natural interaction types such as voice and text, but also the use of images and gestures.

The future of interacting with a brand, providing a great customer experience or use a (new) digital service will be through conversations – it's time to stop talking to your customers and start having a dialogue with them.

Conversational Design Services

Design Thinking

Conversations are contextual and close to unpredictable. Therefore, starting with contextual needs powers our process' for creating conversational AI solutions. Through design thinking we do creative problem solving based on a reflective and iterative approach: We research, ideate, create, test, and evaluate – again and again.

Conversational Architecture

To ensure an appropriate user experience with conversational AI, words, sentences and elements needs to be structured. We translate contexts, user- and business needs into meaningful flows of conversations, where context and copy are carefully entwined in a conversational design.

Persona design

Using elements of game design and screenwriting, we design personas. Why? Because making conversations creates a perception of talking to a "person" whether we design for it or not – we need to consider that. So how does your brand behave? What are the personal traits and how does that shine through?  

Copy Writing

When language is the means of interaction, words are the primary design tool. We carefully tailor words around your brand, the context, medium and persona of your conversational service. The words are tested and rewritten until we find the best match between your brand, the users and the bot's intelligence level.


We always strive to design the thing right - but we also strive to design the right thing. To do both, we prototype, harness users- and stakeholders' inputs, which are always priceless. Using prototyping also push the process forward and make an idea tangible for everyone involved – users, you, developers and designers.

Data- & User Driven Design

Incorporating user feedback in the design process is essential to us, but in the field of AI, we also have to adapt and design around available data. Therefore we combine the users' perspectives with the boundaries available data set up, to create the best solution with what we have.

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BotSupply CMS Platform

Our Conversational AI Content Management System (CMS) provides all the tools you need to design, build, launch, and manage bots. The CMS is compatible with Oracle Bots Platform, which provides the scalability and security enterprises demand.

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ML & AI Services

Our proven approach in creating conversational interfaces generally builds on a mix of data- and user driven design principles, with elements of contextual design, workshops, prototyping, copy writing, character design as well as conversational architecture.

Conversational Marketing Services

Our Bot Success Team delivers on-demand services to help you ensure your bot is driving the expected business outcomes. They provide a range of services from analyzing data, AI training, tweaking conversation flows, setup split testing and more.

Some of our clients

BotSupply is helping us at Salling Group to explore the possibilities of conversational interfaces and AI, so that we are ready to take advantage of these crucial emerging technologies.
Ulf Bach-Vedel
Digital Project Manager, Salling Group

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