Natural Language Processing

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Our award-winning suite of natural language processing algorithms is pre-built in CMS and can work out of the box with an easy-to-use API.
Why you should use BotSupply Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Build your bot in a simple interface, where you can define user intents, ensure contextual understanding, customize the bot answers through named entity recognition, with all operations integrated into your flows, so you don't need to worry about the algorithms. We employ advanced technologies based on Neural Networks that use language modelling and reinforcement learning to increase the accuracy of our language understanding, classification, and prediction. Focus on designing your bot instead of finetuning the algorithms.

Our sophisticated suite of NLP capabilities has a broad coverage. It can understand 30+ languages, including English, Danish. Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish. German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. We have even more in beta, so get in touch if your favourite language isn’t on the list!

Our NLP is pre-built in BotSupply CMS and can works out of the box with an easy-to-use API. It allows designers and developers to create language-savvy bots, without delving deep into machine learning or data science.

NLP capabilities

Intent classification

Apply the superb intent classifier that understands what your users say and requires little training.
Our model relies on the built-in autoML engine to decide which features work best for your data and choose the best classifier for highly precise results. It knows when to answer automatically and when to consult a human operator.

Named Entity Recognition

Hold meaningful conversations with your users: our advanced deep learning models, grounded on extensive linguistic knowledge, can recognize entities fast and accurately. It enables you to navigate the user to a specific answer or gather any necessary data from the user inputs.


Speak Martian? We got you covered. With our pre-trained embeddings in almost all existing languages, we make sure that our models can detect yours.
Our language understanding system is developed by the world-class AI scientists and improved continuously. Our bots can clearly understand what your users say.

Balanced dataset

We perform data sampling to ensure the balance between intents and distribute them evenly. Don't worry if you have 1000 utterances for one intent and only 10 for another. We will make the model learn by over- and undersampling.

Synthetic data generation

If you don't have enough data to apply machine learning, our technology requires only a few utterances per intent. We generate enough data synthetically to make the model understand all possible contexts.

Continuous learning

If the learning curve of a human never stops, why should it stop for AI? Our model collects all the feedback where it was inconfident and analyzes it thoroughly to learn from its "experience" with different users. So it improves itself over time.

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