We partner with clients

We help brands drive their business outcomes creating for them great customer experiences and products using conversational UX and cutting edge AI.

What we bring to the table

We'll bring into the equation our own creative skills &  tech expertise by default, but we also love collaborating with other creative minds & exploring new exciting ways of implementing tech from the outside.

01 - The Coolest Bots Around
On our framework we produce bots for Messenger, Slack, Skype etc. &  we integrate with practically all API’s.
02 - Conversational UX
Research, copywriting, conversational architecture, personas & prototyping. Everything grounded on placing extensive attention to the product’s end user. A smooth, hassle free UX, will always be our goal.
03 - AI as a Service
We provide customized AI solutions that are simple to integrate into existing processes. Utilizing our expertise allows brands of all sizes to  quickly deploy AI without having to build an internal costly AI team.
04 - Computer Vision
Using our own CV- framework we enable our products to recognize objects in images & video. This exciting technology allows for out of the box solutions because of it’s versatile nature.
05 - NLP
Natural Language Processing makes our conversational products champions at being able to understand written or spoken language. Our technology allows us to adapt to practically any language use case depending.

Get started

We’re passionate about spreading education in regards of  AI. We’ll work with any brand to help them explore & highlight how they can bring AI into their processes.

To help get started we offer a free of charge, one-day workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to set the ground & understand what AI is & what it isn’t; what it can & can’t do; while touching upon best practices & common missteps.

It’s really not as tough to wrap your head around as you might think. Get in touch to get more info.