Chatbot Content Management System

AI chatbots for FreshChat in 170+ languages

Design, test and deploy bots on any channel and in any language from an easy to use interface that all your team can use.
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Agent Handover to FreshChat

Create complex logic to decide when the bot should hand over the conversation to a human agent in FreshChat.

Support for more than 170 languages

BotSupply Natural Language Understanding framework gives you out of the box access to user intent detection in more than 170 languages and named entity extraction in more than 40 langauges.

Easy to use visual chatbot builder

The Botsupply CMS comes with a built in visual flow builder that enables anyone in your team to build complex chatbots without writing a single line of code.

Analytics APIs

With our analytics APIs you can push conversations data to your business intelligence tools of choice and enable to your team to unlock powerful insights from chatbot conversations.

Actions APIs

Program your bot to perform actions in third party systems based on the state of the conversation or different user inputs.


Pick from our library of pre-built integrations to expand the functionality of your bot.

We integrate natively with all the products from the FreshWorks suite.

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