The chatbots with the missing personality modules
Can Chatbots benefit from having personalities? Some circumstances require a bot to optimise slow processes, such as customer services, and as such personality is not a priority. And so… we face a question of efficiency versus personality.
7 Benefits of Using Chatbots to Drive Your Business Goals
Exploring the exciting ways in which harnessing the powers of Chatbots can help business thrive in today’s ever so competitive world 🤖
BotSupply’s Chatbots are taking over Hangouts!
Bringing our chatbot magic across platforms! We are happy to welcome Botsy to our fast thriving, fast growing collection of kick ass bots 🤖 🙌
BotSupply’s AI Scientists share their predictions for AI advancements in 2018
2018 will be the year where popular AI acceptance will widespread, what great news! 🤖
Reimagining urban transportation with chatbots
How can urban transportation benefit from the advancements and rise of NLP and conversational interface design 🤖 ?
ImagoBuddy, a Chatbot recognizing objects in images
Transfer learning and computer vision chatbot for object recognition
How it feels like to work @ BotSupply
For BotSupply's first B'day we commemorate a year of grand achievements by reflecting on what is like to be a member of team BotSupply.
Danish AI startup BotSupply wins the IBM award 2017
A sharp and talented panel of juries made by experts in the field and investors chose unanimously BotSupply as the Startup that showed the most promise and potential, awarding BotSupply with the IBM Award 2017.
Running CapsuleNet on TensorFlow
Pushing the limits of Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to the next level, because it's good ol' fun and because at BotSupply experimenting and pushing limits is what we do.
Chatbot 101: Everything you ever wanted to know about Chatbots
BotSupply is here to answer everything you ever wondered related to Chatbots 🤖🚀🤖🚀🤖🚀🤖🚀
Computer Buddy & Karen from HR: The coolest bots on the block
Powering events with the use of bots and AI is whats happening! But not just with any kind of bots, but bots that delight and engage their users with precision and uncharted conversational skills.
3 simple steps to Customer Service Automation with AI ‍
AI implementation can be very simple!
Building Amigo, the friendliest Bot that helped power the Komfo Summit
The story behind the success of Amigo, the friendly bot that helped powered the Komfo Summit. Amigo's win was the result of great conversational design, compelling copywriting and being mindful of the end user.
Announcing Pachamama 1.0
We have built a complete ecosystem around Natural Language Understanding (NLU), so that our solutions can talk to clients in their native natural languages such as Danish, Italian, English, etc.
Community Building around Chatbots
Building an amazing community where enthusiam and expertise around building outstanding chatbots comes together to foster a space where everyone can learn
Step by Step guide to make a dumb bot smart
Not all bots are smart but here's a user friendly guide to help you make your as smart as they can come.
Generative Model Chatbots
Generative bots are the smartest chatbots models out there. But are they solutions for our every problems?